Hany Ragab

I am a final year PhD candidate at VUSec a.k.a. the Systems and Network Security Group at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.
In my research I work on offensive system security, hardware security, side-channels attacks, fault injection, microarchitectural attacks, hardware fuzzing, transient/speculative execution attacks.
I have been co-teaching the Hardware Security master course since 2019.


Rage Against the Machine Clear: A Systematic Analysis of Machine Clears and Their Implications for Transient Execution Attacks
Hany Ragab, Enrico Barberis, Herbert Bos and Cristiano Giuffrida
USENIX Security Symposium 2021
CROSSTALK: Speculative Data Leaks Across Cores Are Real
Hany Ragab, Alyssa Milburn, Kaveh Razavi, Herbert Bos and Cristiano Giuffrida
IEEE Symposium on Security & Privacy 2021
On The Weaknesses Of PBKDF2
Andrea Visconti, Simone Bossi, Hany Ragab, Alexandro Calò
14th International Conference on Cryptology and Network Security (CANS15), Marrakech, Morocco